Pokémon Company says the Collab shirt is not plotted but original

Here is a close up of the Cotoh design shirt, with a young woman holding Piplup.

The shirt in question.
Picture: Public Tokyo/The Pokémon Company/Cotoh Tsumi

In recent weeks, popular artist Cotoh Tsumi has repeatedly been the target of tracing allegations. At 2 channels and Twittercritics have published examples of what they say proves these accusations, that the the artist denied. The criticisms have become relentless, and now some collaboration products are being retired. The Pokémon Company, however, specifies that its recent t-shirt in collaboration with the artist is an original work.

In recent years, the Pokémon Company teamed up with all kinds of people for collaborations, ranging from popular artists to the Japan Sumo Association.

Cotoh rose to fame creating the visual marketing for the music group Yoasobi. Last year, the artist released a first art book with over 500 illustrations., and Abode introduced the mysterious illustrator in a career session.

Cotoh’s Twitter bio reads, “Well, I only draw girls. I only draw lovely people. However, the allegations, which Cotoh denies, are that these lovely people aren’t drawn.

It is not uncommon for artists to use reference materials, but the allegations against Cotoh go further – than the artist, as these comparisons charge, would have seemed to trace the source materials. Online, these complaints have become more numerous and, as J-Cast reports, some of the Cotoh collaboration products are being removed from sale.

In Cotoh’s earlier denial, the artist readily acknowledges the use of photos as reference material. “However, I never found” wrote Cotoh, adding, “Everything I do for clients is original.”

There have also been allegations regarding a shirt that Cotoh made for the Public Tokyo brand as part of the Pokémon Company’s “Project Piplup”. The shirt, seen in the top image, was sold for a limited time only at a pop-up store late January and early February. The Pokémon Company has looked into the matter internally, indicating“After investigating the production process, we have come to the conclusion that this is an original work of the Piplup project.”

However, the company has apologized for any issues this has caused and has provided information for customers wishing to either cancel their order or return the shirt.

Elizabeth J. Harless