Prince Harry pays tribute to his daughter Lilibet with a ‘Girl Dad’ shirt

Proud of his little girl. Prince Harry wore a shirt that declared his love for his daughter Lilibet in a new video to promote his non-profit organization.

The Duke of Sussex, 37, wore a gray t-shirt that says ‘Girl Dad’ in big block letters across his chest in the comedy skit, which was posted on Monday, May 9. He wore dark sweatpants and a brown baseball cap and accessorized with his wedding band, pearl bracelet and Air Pods. Dad’s duds are part of his costume for a skit promoting Travalyst.

The proud dad – who shares Lilibet, 11 months, and Archie, 2, with his wife Meghan Markle – founded The Travalyst Coalition in 2019, which helps travelers make more eco-friendly choices. The sketch showed Harry on the run when he is suddenly approached by two travel assessors from Aotearoa in New Zealand, played by Our flag means death stars Rhys Darby and David Fanewhich reveal how much the prince affected the environment during his last trip to their home country.



The men allege the Invictus Games founder dropped a lollipop wrapper during his royal tour in 2018 – his first overseas engagement with the Duchess of Sussex, 40. He denies accusations of dropping the litter on the windy day, although Darby suggests the Duke was just confused.

“I don’t think it’s confusing. It was amazing. We had an amazing time in New Zealand. It’s beautiful,” said Harry.

Darby alleges the Duke stayed at a “motor lodge”, where he was given 13 towels, but chose to use just one throughout his stay. The Archewell founder isn’t so sure it happened. The agent also touches on Harry’s buying of local honey and his toothbrushing habits before explaining why he’s backtracking on it all.

“Do you know how people rate the places they visit? Darby’s character explains. “Well, imagine if these destinations rated you.”

Suddenly, Fane’s agent interrupts to reveal that he is the one who is supposed to assess the native of England. “You have Harry Styley,” he said, apparently mispronouncing Harry Styles. “I have a stylish Harry.”

Although clumsy officers leave Harry ready to get away, he says the couple sparked an idea. The military veteran launched Travalyst, which tells users how a vacation may have affected businesses, communities and the planet. The aim is to make travel around the world more sustainable.

New Zealand is one of many places the Duke and Duchess visited before becoming parents, and they reportedly even considered moving there. former Governor General of New Zealand Patsy Reddy said Meghan and Harry discussed what it would be like to raise their family in the tiny country off Australia during their 2018 trip.

“I remember they had just come down to Abel Tasman National Park when we sat down and had a drink and they said they could imagine living in a place like this and wondered if we thought it would be theoretically possible. Even possible for them to have a place in New Zealand,” Reddy said. The Associated Press in August 2021 after the couple stepped down from royal duties and moved to Montecito, California.

She continued, “Of course, we said of course. It would be good. There are plenty of opportunities to live in New Zealand, but this would be something they should explore. They were looking for how they could raise their family. And, obviously, they’ve made decisions since then.

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Elizabeth J. Harless