Punk Is Dead, Long Live Punk T-Shirt Celebrates Punk Week

Just because punk week on Result only lasts August 16-20, that doesn’t mean the anarchy has to be so short-lived. You can keep punk alive with our exclusive new “Punk Is Dead, Long Live Punk” t-shirt design, available now on the Result Shop.

Available in asphalt gray or classic white, this t-shirt will have you screaming “Hey, ho, let’s go!” as you paste it to the establishment. It is adorned with Result Punk Critter Crew, featuring Geri the Gecko (who also relaxes on the shirt front), Alix the Alligator, Billie the Bird and Syd the Snake, a group of anthropomorphic rockers designed by our staff.

Plus, we’re making this new shirt part of our Protect Live Music merchandise capsule, which means a portion of the proceeds will go to the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) emergency relief fund. DIY or die, baby.

Snag your “Punk Is Dead, Long Live Punk” t-shirt at the Consequence Shop or via the buy button below.

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Elizabeth J. Harless