Real styles of “necklaces”

Each shirt has a unique fit that works best for different people. A shirt is fundamentally illogical without a collar and there are many different styles of collars that come in different styles with different personalities responding to different aspects such as comfort, practicality and style. We have listed a few types of collar styles that can come in handy when going out to get a new shirt.

Straight point collar


This is the most classic style of collar. A straight collar is elongated and gives a slimming effect. This option is very useful for people with round faces and short necks.

Italian collar


A cutaway collar is a casual option, it offers a modern and elegant look. It is unified in length and width. This has a more proportionate stitch length which makes it universal in style. It works best for chic and casual outfits and is suitable for men with elongated faces.

Semi-wide collar


The half-open collar is similar to a wide-open collar with a more formal look. This option is neither very steep nor relaxed. It is best suited for tall men with a long neck.

The flared collar


The cutaway collar is slightly shorter in length and at the ends of reduced width, it gives a more casual look and it is not recommended to be worn with a tie.

The long button-down collar


This collar has buttons at the bottom of the collar stitches that connect them to the shirt itself. It provides the less formal look. This style is popular among the younger generation. It is best suited for people who want to adopt a less formal business look with an elegant appearance.

Short buttoned collar


This style is very similar to the long button down collar but it is simply shorter. These two styles are very similar. The short length of this collar offers a casual yet youthful look.

The club collar


This is the most elitist style. It was designed as the collar of school uniforms and is known as the student collar. It looks very formal and gives a very comfortable and practical look. This club collar is versatile but it maintains the code of professionalism.

The stand-up collar


This collar is relaxed and has a very subtle style. It’s a band that sits about 3cm from the base of the shirt with a single button above the collarbones. This style is a very classy option and can be worn easily by anyone, but it is not appropriate to use a tie with this collar style.

The wing tip collar

Credit: Pinterest

This collar is also known as the tuxedo style collar, it is the best formal option. It is better to wear it with a bow tie, it is easier to differentiate from the rest because it has small pleats which are placed in front. This shirt can be styled best with a tuxedo or tailcoat and is suitable for everyone.

Elizabeth J. Harless