Red Dead Online is bringing limited-time clothing back to the Old West

Limited-time clothing options have been reintroduced for Red Dead online from Red Dead Redemption 2.

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After a six-month absence, players can once again claim these limited-time items as part of GTA Online’s popular Western Cousin update. In this new event, players will have the chance to collect four clothes and one outfit. These are the Fan Stove Hat, Fur Gloves, Skin Half Chaps, Raccoon Hat, and Tasman Outfit. These items are available until December 6.

You can read the full notes on this week’s update for Red Dead Online below, which is themed American Thanksgiving:

  • 50% RDO $ to strenghten to Call to arms – starting with Valentine until November 29, followed by Blackwater until December 6 – as well as a 50% RDO $ increase on all Hardcore Telegram Missions A difficult business
  • Boosted capital generally Blood money contracts, plus a half-price offer on selected outfits (up to row 15) to finish Blood Silver Contract
  • An offer to complete the Covington Emerald opportunity: 5 reduction gold bars bounty hunting licenses, Collection bag, butcher’s table, Naturalist’s Sample Kit, Where the Moonshine hut, if all are owned, a player will receive an offer for a free Role-playing, Accessory Where Emote rather
  • Double RDO $ and XP to Shooting and Team shooting Modes
  • Free clothes to recreate an outfit inspired by Doc Holliday at local tailors: Melon (Noir), Combed coat (Black or Gray) or the Hartell fall jacket, Antoine jacket (Noir), Frumpy shirt (White) or the Iniesta shirt, Cashmere cardigan (Noir), Folded chain tie (Black and Clerk’s pants (Black) or Buckskin pants
  • Return of limited-time clothing: Until December 6, players can purchase the furry gloves, the fan-shaped stovepipe hat, the raccoon hat, the hide half-chaps, and Tasman’s outfit at local tailors or via the Wheeler, Rawson and Co.
  • New discounts: 40 percent off everything American Paint Horses, guns, pants, skirts, and Freehand cases, Plus 30 percent off all Camp dogs, the Quick travel message, the luxury campfire and all camp themes
  • Top notch gaming advantages: Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming until December 20 will receive a reward for a free Stable Stable and 5 Special Horse Medicines
  • Plus Thanksgiving Bonuses: Butchers pay 5X RDO $ on turkeys until November 25, Persistent group setup fee are being phased out, and all saloon drinks and food supplies will be free from November 26-29.

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Elizabeth J. Harless