Reno County couple drives ‘The Magic Clothes Bus’ to donate to children

RENO COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Melissa and Vic Kuhns own The magic clothes buswhat they call a “rolling closet”.

The two fill the old school bus-turned closet with donated clothes. They then drive around Reno County and distribute free clothing to needy student-age children and teens.

“I’m a school bus driver for Nickerson, and I’ve seen a lot of kids who just need a little extra help,” Melissa said.

As parents, the Kuhns know how quickly children and teenagers outgrow their clothes.

“I also know as a parent myself that we have an abundant amount of clothes that we use, so when they get too big, we really have nowhere to put them,” Vic said. “And so we kind of decided to take a bus and put some clothes on it.”

At first, the two helped a lot of foster children. Now they are happy to help the victims of the Cottonwood complex fire.

“I’m glad we have him now to help those who need help through the fires and all,” Melissa said. “I’m glad we can help. I hope we can help as many people as possible.

“I’m just glad we’re able to help out,” Vic said. “We swim in clothes, and obviously there are people who need them. I’m glad we can be here, and if anybody has to come, they can come get whatever they need.

Both are happy not only to donate clothes, but also to be taken away in unwanted clothes from others. So much so that their bus is full.

“We have received a lot of donated clothes so although I would like to take more unfortunately it is only a one man group and we have nowhere to put anything,” Melissa said.

“With the cold weather, we have an abundance of coats. We have hoodies, we have other stuff,” Vic continued.

Both also organize special events for infants.

“So because we don’t have the space here, we’re doing something called The Magic Clothes Bus baby addition. And that’s next weekend, Sunday, where we review and sort out all the baby clothes. Usually we get other items as well, but you can come and get whatever you want,” Melissa said.

The Baby Edition of the Magic Clothes Bus is Sunday, March 13 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 4501 W 4th Ave in Hutchinson.

They also organize an event for a special outfit.

“So we probably have about 75 dresses that will be available for people to browse and choose for free,” Melissa said.

The Magic Clothes Bus formal wear giveaway will also take place on Sunday, March 13 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 4501 W 4th Ave in Hutchinson.

Melissa says, “If anyone needs anything, I’m always on hand. So I can still be here. The bus is accessible to everyone. I geared it more towards Reno County, but I’ve helped people in Wichita and other places as well, so it’s right there for anyone who needs help.

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Elizabeth J. Harless