Rihanna donates food and clothing to homeless vets in Los Angeles

Rihanna receives praise for donating food and clothing to homeless veterans in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, the 33-year-old entertainer planned a surprise visit to the West Los Angeles Veterans Campus, where she spent time with veterans and donated several supplies.

Rihanna was joined by activist and Checkpoint app founder Sennett Devermont during her visit.

The entrepreneur applauded Rihanna for “your incredible heart, time and energy.”

“Thank you @badgalriri for coming with all the love and support and especially your ears to listen to the veterans,” Devermont wrote in an Instagram post, where he shared images of himself and Rihanna on campus. of Brentwood.

In another video shared by the Always For The People Foundation, a veteran revealed details of Rihanna’s visit.

“I met Rihanna! The greatest singer on earth. She donated clothes, food and she cares about veterans,” he said in the video.

“U.S. Army veterans. U.S. Navy veterans. Air Force veterans. She cares about all veterans. She cares about us and she showed it to us. And she’s going to take care of business.

“Despite all the circumstances of how veterans are treated sleeping in tents on the asphalt or tiny sheds on the ground they should call home, I can say that hope and joy have been spread to the veterans,” the captioned AFTP said.

“The genuineness of real caring and listening was beyond the amazing supplies @badgalriri donated. Rihanna made it happen when she visited the vets today. Honored to witness of that!”

Rihanna’s visit came shortly after she revealed she was expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky.

In other news, Mad Max: Fury Road Director George Miller recently revealed he’s considering Rihanna and Eminem for major roles in his film.

In a new book by writer Kyle Buchanan about the film, Miller said he and casting director Ronna Kress auditioned many people for the project.

“The whole casting process for Max took almost a year,” Kress says in the book, an excerpt of which has now been published on Vulture. “We were talking about all the actors in the world, basically, and having very in-depth conversations about the benefits of having someone famous or someone unknown in the role of Mad Max.”

Miller arranged a meeting with Rihanna during the casting of the Five Wives.

“Actors usually show up dressed very casually, but damn it, Rihanna looked spectacular when she walked in,” Miller said. “I’m not sure she even knew about the contents of the movie, so she dressed up as Rihanna, which was the right thing to do.”

Elizabeth J. Harless