Romford’s family skate, Rage t-shirt shop nears 30

2:45 p.m. May 3, 2022

A Romford shop selling group t-shirts and skateboards says a growing number of parents are coming to find “a way to get their kids outside” after the pandemic closures.

Rage, which has operated in the same space at Romford Shopping Hall for 29 years, caters specifically to young skateboarders.

Packed with merchandise ranging from Metallica and Slipknot t-shirts to various skateboard parts, as well as the decks themselves, it was launched in 1993 by owner Bob.

Now co-run with son Sat, Rage claims to be Essex’s only heavy music t-shirt business, which Sat says is because “we really understand our customers”.

Rage sells a range of clothing, including t-shirts and caps, as well as skateboards and other skating gear
– Credit: Ben Lynch

He says Rage has gained a lot of new fans since the pandemic began, which he credits as motivation for adults looking for new ideas to get their kids out of the house.

“Parents love coming to take their kids out,” Sat said, adding, “This is the place to come.”

With her big 30th birthday coming up next year, Sat said plans for the occasion are still under wraps. For the time being.

The front of the Rage store in Romford Shopping Hall

The front of the Rage store in Romford Shopping Hall
– Credit: Ben Lynch

Elizabeth J. Harless