Rustburg HS Students Raising Funds, Collecting Food, Clothing | Local News

Two groups of Rustburg High School students have launched initiatives to help those in need this holiday season, giving them hands-on experience in planning and carrying out such projects. The Student Council Association (SCA) held fundraisers to purchase food for families sponsored by the school’s Angel Tree program. And the school’s leadership class held a winter clothing drive, collecting a lot more winter coats and warm clothes than they had planned, which will be put to good use through a partnership with a local non-profit organization.

Casey Eccles, Rustburg High School librarian, is one of the faculty sponsors for the SCA and teaches the leadership class, but she said it was the students who entirely envisioned, organized and carried out the two initiatives themselves. same.

CAS Student Body and President Skylar Pumagualle described the CAS fundraising project, which took a two-pronged approach, reaching both students and teachers. “We sold bracelets for a dollar, and students could buy them and then wear a hat for a day. All of this money and proceeds went to Angel Food’ as part of the school’s Angel Tree program. “It was pretty fun. And then teachers could donate money to wear jeans for a day, which would also go to the same cause,” Pumagualle explained.

Overall, Rustburg SCA fundraisers generated $416, enough to buy food for 27 angel recipients and their families, Eccles reported. SCA leaders sold the wristbands and used jeans in the morning before school.

Both Alexis Blount and Alexis Carter are members of the ruling class and helped lead the clothing campaign. “It started as a winter coat drive and morphed more into a winter clothing drive,” Blount remarked. “We collected the coats…”

“We have a lot of coats! Carter chimed in.

“We have scarves, gloves, pants, lots of warm clothes,” Blount said.

Carter commented, “We’ve got a bit of everything so far.”

The two Alexis have observed that the project has grown far beyond what they had originally envisioned. They said they originally planned to donate the coats to the Salvation Army, but that plan fell through, as did a backup plan. Ultimately, they found a nonprofit organization to partner with, Madison House of the Arts. The local charity is based in Lynchburg.

Student leaders reported seeing an amazing amount of generosity among the student body. “I didn’t expect this turnout at all,” Blount remarked.

“We were very shocked at how much we got. Clothes kept coming and going. It was a lot,” Carter said. They said contributions continued to pour in daily, contrary to their initial expectation of “just a few bags of coats”.

The girls said the project taught them teamwork. “I definitely learned teamwork, because it was a big project to manage. It wouldn’t have been possible without a whole team behind it,” Blount explained.

“And organization — it took a lot of organization to manage something this big,” Carter observed.

The clothing drive generated mountains of warm winter clothes that piled up in the back rooms of the school library before being donated to a non-profit partner.

SCA leaders dropped off food purchased with the funds raised on Friday, December 17 before schools closed for the Christmas vacation.

These acts of giving and helping those in need demonstrate that while the students of Rustburg High School may be the “red devils” on the sports field and on the field, inside they have hearts. angelic gold.

Elizabeth J. Harless