Same sex marriage debate pros and cons philippines typhoon in Oxford

Second, even if we concede for the sake of discussion that a stable, loving male-female couple is the gold standard for parenting, it's otherwise offensive to deny those who fall short of the gold standard the right to marry. Academic Tools How to cite this entry. Clanchy rev. It was also a potent symbol of alleged racial difference.

However, as a historical thesis about the origin of marriage, the idea that monogamy provided women with needed material support has been debunked. Thus, following divorce, women are likely to have a reduced standard of living, even to enter poverty. But social science literature shows that children are neither typically nor catastrophically harmed by same-sex parenting.

Heterosexuals-only lunch counters? Mayo, David J. A second widespread though less unified institutional approach to marriage appeals to the ideal marital same sex marriage debate pros and cons philippines typhoon in Oxford relationship to define the structure of marriage.

Historically, this meant that the private sphere of marriage, to which women were confined, was also the zone of state non-interference, so that what happened to women there was not subject to norms of justice. Such exclusion could be defended as a matter of religious autonomy; but it could also be objected to as unjust discrimination—as it would be if, for example, equal treatment were denied to inter-racial marriages.

In contrast to the ancients, whose philosophical discussion of sex and sexual love was not confined to marriage, Christian philosophers introduced a new focus on marriage as the sole permissible context for sex, marking a shift from viewing marriage as primarily a political and economic unit.

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Want us to write one just for you? Con wae? Notify me of new posts via email. It is only fair to give the Filipinos the entitlement to same sex marriage.

Legal measures such as requiring all marital income to be held equally could encourage power equality within marriage Okin , Chapter 8. Marriage is here taken to be the institution uniquely apt for conceiving and rearing children by securing the participation of both parents in an ongoing union.

Most fundamentally, some authors have urged that a politically liberal state should not prescribe the arrangements in which its competent adult members seek love, sex, and intimacy, so long as they are compatible with justice Calhoun , March Skip to content.

Same-sex relationships are relevantly similar to heterosexual relationships recognized as marriages, yet the state denies gays and lesbians access to the benefits of marriage, hence treating them unequally Mohr , Rajczi , Williams While Mill and Engels saw the establishment of monogamous marriage as an ancient defeat of the female sex, Aquinas, Kant, and many others have seen monogamy as a victory for women, securing for them faithful partners, protection, and material support.

Same sex marriage debate pros and cons philippines typhoon in Oxford

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