Sex determination diversity and sex chromosome evolution in poeciliid fish in Quebec

Figure S1. Furthermore, the sequences of the P. View Article Google Scholar 2. Supporting Information. For each marker, the G.

Based on a comparison of chromosome morphologies across species, we define the submetacentric chromosome 19 to be X 1 and the acrocentric chromosome 12 to be X 2 for G. For each sex of each species, chromosomes from a single metaphase spread are shown. Initial analysis revealed a high plasticity of the sex-determining region and the absence of synteny with other fish and vertebrate sex chromosomes, indicating an independent evolutionary origin.

Sex determination diversity and sex chromosome evolution in poeciliid fish in Quebec считаю, что

While our G. NI not informative indicates that a PCR product was obtained in the species, but was not informative in a cross. In male G. Three G.

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  • In species with sex chromosomes, differences between genomic regions with unique inheritance patterns can be used to distinguish between different sets of possible demographic and selective events. This review introduces the differences in population history for sex chromosomes and autosomes, provides the expectations for genetic diversity across the genome under different evolutionary scenarios, and gives an introductory description for how deviations in these expectations are calculated and can be interpreted.
  • The Erythrinidae family Teleostei: Characiformes is a small Neotropical fish group with a wide distribution throughout South America, where Hoplias malabaricus corresponds to the most widespread and cytogenetically studied taxon. This species possesses significant genetic variation, as well as huge karyotype diversity among populations, as reflected by its seven major karyotype forms i.
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  • Evolutionary Genetics of Fishes pp Cite as.
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All available phylogenies support a closer relationship between G. Most mammals have an XY heteromorphic pair [2] , and the male-limited Y sex chromosome bears SRY , a male-determining gene [3] — [5] that is found in all but a handful of mammals [6] — [10].

A more direct transition between XY and ZW forms might occur, as exemplified by recent work. Thus, stickleback fishes are excellent model species for investigating the mechanisms that lead to rapid turnover of sex chromosomes. Because both copies of chromosome 12 the X chromosome in female P.

Consistent with these results, a karyogram made from a male G.

Sex determination diversity and sex chromosome evolution in poeciliid fish in Quebec

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