Shah Rukh Khan’s Swag Is Unmatched Shirtless or Shirtless for His First Look at Pathaan

It either takes a certain set of skills to be a mega star in Bollywood or somehow reincarnate into Shah Rukh Khan; we have no other justification. He carries the weight of all Bollywood on his shoulders with his magnanimity. It was no surprise that when everyone’s beloved King Khan returned to Instagram after his long hiatus with a preview of his latest film, Pathan, it was definitely going to be something to watch out for. As always, the King did not disappoint and left his fans swooning with a shirtless photo and his fabulously sculpted abs in all their glory. Her abs are a bonus of course, but we have to admit that her chiseled rustic vibe is totally up our alley with her long tousled locks tied back in a bun and armbands and necklace adding to the charm. Maybe going to the gym is also our calling?

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Many images continue to surface from the Pathaan sets on the internet from time to time. But Shah Rukh Khan has seemingly sated fans with selfies wearing bandanas and his raw stubble. The sunglasses obviously added a cool quotient and there was no other way he wouldn’t be spotted without one.

Especially when you also have the most envious pair of sunglasses in the world, why hide it?

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In a room full of people, Shah Rukh Khan, in whatever he wears, is the coolest individual.

Pathaan stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham alongside Shah Rukh Khan and while the trailer looked so promising, we can only imagine what the real deal will look like. The wait may be long but we bet it will be worth it.

Elizabeth J. Harless