Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wears black shorts and t-shirt in Italy

Trendy teen! Shiloh Jolie-Pitt rocked a pair of black shorts, a matching t-shirt and red sneakers on an ice cream run with her family in Italy.

The 16-year-old was spotted walking alongside some of her siblings – including her sister Zahara Jolie-Pitt – and their famous mum, Angelina Jolie, in photos obtained by Hollywood Life. As Shiloh walked to the car, she carried an ice cream cone in one hand and kept her hair in a bun while wearing a black mask.

Angelina and her ex-husband brad pittThe daughter of has been making headlines over the past year for her dancing skills. Just three weeks before her European release, the teenager appeared in a video with the Millennium Dance Studio in Los Angeles, which was posted on YouTube on June 12. In the clip, she danced effortlessly to Doja Catthe single “Vegas” from Elvis movie soundtrack. Not only that, but she’s also been seen performing in routines for other hits from Ed Sheeran and Lizzo.

Previously, an insider described at In touch how much the Eternals actress and Once upon a time… in Hollywood the actor are with their daughter’s talent and “couldn’t be more proud.”


Shiloh can easily pick up routines and execute them effortlessly, “which Angie loves because she says neither she nor Brad have that talent,” the insider said, adding that the kid is a “natural dancer. “.

Since dancing is her “main love,” the source also explained how Shiloh “expresses herself in so many ways.”

“She loves being able to feel the music and let go and be free which is super important,” the insider added. “She loves all dance styles, but hip-hop and freestyle are her favourites.”

Along with dancing, Shiloh has also made public appearances with Angie. In October and November 2021, she and her 17-year-old sister Zahara walked the red carpet with the Salt star for her Eternals international premieres including London, Rome and LA Shiloh even upcycled some of her mother’s old dresses, including a stunning black and white floral print Dior dress.

However, Shiloh also showed off her personal sense of style. When she attended London Eternals afterparty in October 2021, the teenager was completely killed in her own periwinkle blue jacket embroidered with various patches of England, including her flag.

A month later, a separate insider exclusively said Way of life that Shiloh had received a few “offers” in the modeling industry, but Angie wasn’t “pushing” Shiloh to get involved in anything.

“Angie’s been there, she knows the pitfalls of being a celebrity kid better than anyone,” the source shared in November 2021. “Angie is all about protecting her kids.”

Elizabeth J. Harless