Societees inducts first members of the Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™

MIAMI BEACH, Florida., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Great music, awesome t-shirts and rock n’ roll! This is how TheSocietees, based in Florida, decided to give the Rock Music community something to look forward to from their favorite musicians. After creating a community-driven Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™, they were able to determine the top ten ranked Rock n’ Roll bands that classic t-shirts sold the most. The support of the many music fans of the various groups of the 70s, 80s or 90s has created an indisputable list of favorites ranging from Poison and The Police, to the best contender and winner of the first place, Def Leppard and his Pyromania United States 1983 tour t-shirt!

The first 10 inductees to the rock t shirt hall of fame are:

1) Def Leppard – Pyromania United States 1983 Tour Tee
2) ACDC – 1975 High Voltage Men’s T-Shirt
3) Journey – Departure 1980 Men’s T-Shirt
4) Pink Floyd – Animals Tour 1977 Men’s T-Shirt
5) Bon Jovi – Heart Tattoo Men’s T-Shirt
6) ZZ Top – Men’s US Tour 1990 T-Shirt
7) Motley Crue – Vintage Band Logo Men’s T-Shirt
8) KISS – Destroyer Album Men’s T-Shirt
9) The Police Ghost in the Machine Tour Raglan for Men
ten) Poison – Talk Dirty To Me Mens T-Shirt

While these top ten inductees have maintained their current positions, this is just the beginning of the rock music battle of the ages, where the competition for the top spot in the Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™ is up to the fans. of all the iconic Rock n’ Roll band t-shirts that has like Rock Bestseller Competitors.

As President of Societies Inc., simon shenker declared:

“We wanted the Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™ to be based solely on sales performance. The reason for that is polls can be rigged, social likes can be bought, but shirt sales are proof that real fans have been there, done this, and are now buying the t-shirt…” It helped us recognize that this Hall of Fame event was truly community driven, and only the community could do the difference in this fierce competition.

Some subscribers were able to tell more about this event online. Brendon Snyder, the YouTube creator who reviewed all the top 10 Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™ inductees you see on the website, said, “The Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame is like a personal list of my favorite shirts!” – solidifying TheSocietees testament to not only offering quality products, but something that resonates with every fan.

So you see! That’s what TheSocietees does, they bring high quality and exciting apparel to fans around the world. Whether you are a die-hard fan of some of the unforgettable movies, like Scarface, are a big fan of the one and only Bruce Lee and his incredible teachings, or love to sing and sway with your favorite bandsThere is something for every taste !

Companies are currently evaluating the next 10 inductees into their Rock T-Shirt Hall of Fame™ – announcement to come by summer 2022. Each t-shirt has been created with the utmost attention to detail and is believed to be a work of art. wearable art. They know their customers will love wearing these t-shirts as much as they loved creating them.

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About the companies:
The company is full of vintage-inspired t-shirt designers, gamers, classic movie buffs, and classic rock and roll fans. Created in Miami, the team loves designing t-shirts that take their customers back to a time when things were simpler. All in all, it’s fun for them to connect with like-minded people through their creations and bring back some of the nostalgia that everyone feels when thinking about their favorite bands, music and at times in the past. Their clothes are designed to be elegant, representing their customers’ favorite artists, while being comfortable enough to be worn all day. Societees is all-inclusive and offers sizes up to 6XL, so everyone can join in the fun. The company hopes its customers will love its rock t-shirts as much as they do and join them in celebrating some of the greatest artists of all time.

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