Spiritbox Singer had an encounter with ‘Name Three Songs’ on an ETID shirt

Every time you put on a band shirt and leave your house, you’re betting that someone will try to test your knowledge of the artist you’re representing — and that goes especially for women. Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante had one of the infamous “name three songs” encounters on an Every Time I Die shirt.

LaPlante, who over the past two years has become quite a heavy metal singer herself, wrote about the conversation on her Twitter yesterday (May 1).

“I’m wearing my ETID tie-dye shirt at the gym right now and the guy next to me asked if I knew the band so I said ‘no’ and he’s now explaining the band to me. Imagine coming on to someone and open up asking if they know what’s on the shirt they’re wearing,” she wrote.

“I don’t really think about talking a lot about that stuff because I don’t really like to engage on the internet these days, but one day I’m gonna have to tell you all the crazy things that men tell me,” said the singer. continued. “I think it’s cool when people ask me about bands when they see my shirt. But this guy didn’t do that, he started with, ‘You know the band on the shirt you doors ?’ Hahah this stuff happens a lot, but it was really funny so I thought I’d share.”

It’s comical that the gym-goer felt the need to educate LaPlante on one popular metal band without even realizing she’s the vocalist of another. If he’s such a metalcore connoisseur, shouldn’t he know Spiritbox? Spiritbox opened for ETID on their final (?) ‘Tid The Season Show in December, after all.

Among the various responses LaPlante received on his tweet thread, someone suggested the story would likely come back to him.

“Well if you’re reading this and cross-examining a sweaty woman with blue hair and a tie-dye ETID shirt on Sunday May 1st in Victoria… do the weight when you’re done stop letting them around” , she replied .

See the tweets below.

Spiritbox are going on tour in a few weeks, starting with a performance at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona, Florida, then they’ll head to Europe for the rest of May and June before heading back to North America for some more festivals. Find all the dates on their website.

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