Strictly’s Tom Fletcher Says ‘None of His Clothes Fit Him’ Because He’s Lost So Much Weight

Tom Fletcher’s “clothes don’t fit anymore” due to intense training on Strictly Come Dancing.

The McFly singer recently revealed he was in the best shape of his life after appearing on the BBC One show, but his new fitness means he will have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Tom and his professional dance partner Amy Dowden danced a tango dressed as the devil on AC/DC’s Highway To Hell over the weekend, but the singer revealed the grueling workouts were a huge workout for him.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, he said: “I’m definitely [in the best shape of my life]. None of my clothes fit me anymore. It’s such a workout to dance every day, I’m going to jump on stage with the band.”

Tom Fletcher says he’s lost a lot of weight since appearing on the show

Tom and Amy have become good friends since appearing on the show together, and the dancer even helps train the whole family to learn the technique.

He added: “We can go home and be with the family. Amy comes back and teaches the kids to dance and teaches Giovanna to dance. It’s amazing because we’re kind of going to experience Strictly together in as a family, which is really nice.

“I wanted the whole family to experience it together… Unfortunately, Giovanna understands faster than me, which is a bit annoying.”

He told Lorraine how grueling the training sessions for Strictly were
He told Lorraine how grueling the training sessions for Strictly were

“I think it’s a good lesson,” he joked.

Tom had previously opened up about his new ripped six-pack, saying it was all down to “tough master task” Amy.

He told the Mirror: “I don’t like to complain because Amy rolls her eyes.

“You use muscles you never use and pain in places you didn’t know you had.”

Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden tangoed on Strictly's Halloween special
Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden tangoed on Strictly’s Halloween special

Tom and Amy were forced to take a week off from Strictly after contracting coronavirus -1 > coronavirus, and the singer admitted that it was difficult to train separately on Zoom during this time.

He explained: “It was really difficult. I tried my best but it’s really difficult to do it alone. Walking into the room together yesterday, I suddenly feel like I understand what it must be. look like.”

“I’m so impressed. I think because we had limited hours, we really took advantage of it. Tom is doing so well,” Amy added.

Elizabeth J. Harless