Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has a new twist on asymmetrical horror

After spending a few years with Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake, the studio behind Friday The 13th takes on another horror icon in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. While the game features gameplay similar to the asymmetrical horror format set on Friday the 13th, developer Gun Interactive aims to make the experience different by having three killers hunt down four survivors in rural Texas, as opposed to the usual single antagonist. of the kind.

“We never want to make the same game twice. You either innovate or you imitate, and I don’t have to tell you which one makes a better game. Everyone at Gun prefers to innovate and push the genre forward,” said said the CEO of Gun Interactive. Wes Keltner explained in a blog post. “How do you do that? Well, when it came to the design of Texas, we knew 3v4 was different. All of the mechanics and features are built around that fundamental overhaul of asymmetrical multiplayer. Plus, when you look at In the ’74 movie, you’ll notice there’s a whole family to deal with, not just Leatherface, so it was only natural to have three killers chasing their victims.

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According to Keltner, having to design and balance three killers proved to be an interesting challenge. “Creating shadows and objects to hide behind, mixes open rooms to move slowly, while hallways become natural choke points for players to move quickly through to find the next hiding place,” said Keltner.

Interestingly, Keltner also mentioned that a gang of killers stalking players could be an “overwhelming” experience, but the team works to deliver “exciting terror-soaked moments” and brief pauses where you can catch your breath.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise is currently enjoying something of a renaissance, as in addition to the game comes an all-new movie starring the original Leatherface, his trusty gardening tool, and a busload of influencers. If you’re a fan of this specific mix of interactive horror, you can also try Evil Dead: The Game, which comes out in May and features the groovy voice acting of Bruce Campbell himself.

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Elizabeth J. Harless