That way it will be…

Summer promises a lot of changes for FC Barcelona and one of them has to do with his T-shirt. As per usual, Nike will present a new model for the clothing that the players of the lucirán club in the 2022-23 season and, in the case of the T-shirt title, the qualified portal ‘Footy Headlines’ filtered the first photographs of which the next Blaugrana garments would be.

In the photographs published by the British portal the T-shirt luce without the club’s new main sponsor, Spotify, whose logo will appear on the T-shirt of the men’s and women’s first team, in principle, until June 2026. At the place, if he appreciates the traditional Nike logo. Both the ‘swoosh’ (pipe) of the American brand as the Spotify logo will be applied in a golden colorunlike the white color used for sponsors in the 2021-22 season T-shirt.

In line with ‘Footy Headlines’, Barca’s new t-shirt will mix three colours: dark blue (navy) royal blue and grana red. Dark blue will predominate in the collar and sleeves of the T-shirt, a tone called “obsidian” in Nike’s Pantone color range. Shorts and mediums will also have this dark bluewith the typography of the numbers and names of the players in gold.

In another of the images leaked via Twitter, enjoy how the Blaugrana stripes on the T-shirt and shoulders will have subtle prints with dirting lines that will alternate the intensity of the three primary colors. In the case of the second equipación, the qualified portal guarantees that it will be golden in color, with sponsors and typography in ‘obsidian’ blue. The colors chosen by Nike for the 2022-23 season recall who dressed the club in the 2003-04 season, first of Joan Laporta as club president.

The current T-shirt will be trashed in Sídney

Barça will officially close the season at Camp Nou on Sunday May 22 ahead of Villarreal, partly corresponding to matchday 38 of LaLiga. However, the club will play one more party before going on vacation on Wednesday May 25 in Sídney ahead of a combination of Australian League stars. Although it is a friendly party, it will be the last accident that the team will dispute with the current clothing. For now, find out which of the four official T-shirts for the 2021-22 season will use those of Xavi Hernández on that day.

Elizabeth J. Harless