The best Ruffwear dog collar

Every responsible dog owner should have a collar for their pet, if not several. Collars serve many purposes including carrying a dog’s ID tags so that it can be safely returned to its owners in the event of loss and providing an attachment point for a leash. . There are plenty of inexpensive dog collars on the market, but collars shouldn’t be skimped on. A dog collar that breaks or falls easily puts your dog in danger.

What to know before buying a Ruffwear dog collar

The main (and cruelty-free) collar styles

No matter what brand you buy, you will notice a few common collar designs. Some are human, some are not. Ruffwear only designs and sells the styles of dog collars listed on the Humanitarian society range of cruelty-free necklaces. These include the martingale and the flat collars.

A martingale collar is best for a dog who pulls or often tries to get out of his collar, while a flat collar is suitable for a more docile dog. Martingale collars consist of a main part of fabric with two loops at its end. A chain or piece of fabric is threaded through these two loops. When a dog pulls, only this front part tightens, preventing the dog from slipping. It is the cruelty-free alternative to the choke collar, but it should not be left on a dog all day or on a dog unattended.

A flat collar is the most common type of collar you see and has a simple quick-release buckle, D-ring or V-ring for a leash and a identification tag. Ruffwear also offers what is called a knot collar which allows you to make easy waist adjustments via panty style knots.

What is your dog’s style?

Although Ruffwear’s designs focus on durability and reliability, they are also very fashionable. The brand often comes up with fun new styles with vibrant designs and patterns. So in addition to asking yourself what your dog’s behaviors are and finding the right collar, ask yourself what your dog’s style is. Ruffwear necklaces are often available in multiple colors, so if you have multiple furry family members, each can have a collar in a different shade.

Consider your dog’s lifestyle and behavior

Different Ruffwear dog collars are better suited for different environments and activities. If you take your dog on hikes that cross rivers and streams, you may want a waterproof collar. If your dog is spooked by the sounds of the flat collar buckles, you may want a sliding knot collar, which allows for quiet application and adjustments. If your dog is easily bothered by accessories, a lightweight flat collar is a good option.

Ruffwear dog collar

If you are leaving your dog off-leash in settings such as nature hikes, the beach, or a dog park, it is important that you can easily spot him from a distance and distinguish him from other canines. Make sure your Ruffwear dog collar has features that improve visibility, such as bright color and reflective pieces. Extra large design can also help you see the necklace from a distance.

It is very important that your collar fits comfortably on your dog. In addition to reviewing Ruffwear’s size charts, make sure the collar is highly adjustable and easy to adjust. Not all dogs will sit still while you adjust their collar, so one that allows for quick changes is very helpful. And keep in mind that if your dog’s weight fluctuates or has drastically different fur lengths at different times of the year, the collar may fit differently, so again the fit is. essential.

Ruffwear dog collars are known for their durable materials. As well as being constructed from durable polyester, many also feature Tubelok webbing, which is made through a special loom process and designed for longevity. You will likely find that most of the hardware, including the loops and leash attachment rings, is either stainless steel or aluminum.

Cost of Ruffwear Dog Collar

Ruffwear dog collars typically cost between $ 15 and $ 30. Those with special features like waterproof materials or chain martingale attachments will be on the high end.

How should a Ruffwear dog collar fit?

A. If you are purchasing a Ruffwear Martingale Dog Collar, it should be snug so that it is loose when the dog is relaxed and only tightens when a dog tries to slide off the collar. When it comes to regular flat collars or slip knot collars, the rule of thumb is that you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the collar when it is on your dog. The same rule applies to knot style necklaces.

Which Ruffwear Dog Collar Size Should You Choose?

A. While measuring other dog accessories like sweaters or harnesses can be a bit trickier, finding the right fit for a dog collar is simple – all you need is your pet’s neck circumference. The Ruffwear size charts show the corresponding measurements for each size.

Which Ruffwear Dog Collar Should I Buy?

The best of the best Ruffwear dog collars

Ruffwear Headwater Waterproof and Odor Resistant Reflective Dog Collar: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : A great choice for dogs who love to go swimming, this collar is made of waterproof silicone and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

What we like: Wide band and bright color options make it easy to spot your dog from a distance. Its construction is not only waterproof, but also odor resistant and easy to clean. It is available in several colors.

What we don’t like: The loop can be difficult to undo.

Best Value Ruffwear Dog Collar

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Climbing Rope Dog Collar: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : Dogs sensitive to the sounds of buckles and clips might appreciate this silent knot style collar.

What we like: This collar is easy to adjust and has reflective details that make it ideal for night outings. It has a durable leash attachment ring and its design is less prone to matting than flat collars.

What we don’t like: Long fur can cover the reflective parts.

Honorable Mention Ruffwear Dog Collar

Ruffwear Flat Out dog collar for daily use: available at Amazon

Our opinion : Most dog owners know how to use this standard flat dog collar. It has vibrant, nature-inspired designs and durable construction.

What we like: With a Tubelok strap and aluminum V-ring, this collar is built to last. Its colors will not fade over time and its buckle closure is easy for your dog to put on and take off. In addition, it has a silicone silencer.

What we don’t like: The material is a bit rigid.

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