The Branson Ministry donates clothing and food to the less fortunate

HOLLISTER, Mo. – Answers to Prayers Boutique and Outreach has been supporting the homeless and those experiencing poverty in Taney County for over three years.

Ministry and outreach program owners Sue and Roger Desmarais said they were helping another ministry in Appalachia when God first contacted them to start this organization in the Ozarks.

“God said there was too much poverty in our own backyard to go home,” said Sue Desmarais.

The store is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, or you can make an appointment with Answers to Prayer’s number one volunteer, John Simpkins.

“I didn’t have much purpose in my life, you know, I was disabled for a number of years,” Simpkins said. “Then I discovered that the more I did here, the more purpose it gave me.”

John Simpkins is a disabled veteran who was down on his luck before he started volunteering with Answers to Prayers Boutique and Outreach. Now he looks forward to every day when he can help others.

“Able to bless people for four hours a day and it doesn’t cost me a penny. I love it,” Simpkins said.

Elizabeth J. Harless