The Furness music scene has seen the launch of new live music in the area

In March 1990 the music enthusiasts of Furness were about to launch their own co-operative to develop and support live music in the area.

All local band members and anyone interested in live music of any type have been invited to the band’s first meeting, press officer Roy McGregor said.

The band would be run by representatives of local bands and ideas already suggested included: Acquiring a live music venue for regular events Holding an outdoor festival for local acts, similar to the festival of the amphitheater in 1989 · Bring in professional groups from outside the area.

The first meeting was due to take place on Saturday March 17 at the Furness Labor Club in Forshaw Street.

Barrow Council’s arts officer, Welfare State International, The Community Areas Initiative and the Nameless Motorcycle Club have expressed interest in the venture, Mr McGregor said.

He pointed out that the group had not yet held any meetings and that firm decisions regarding its functions had not yet been taken.

“We want to try to get as many people as possible to our first meeting from any type of music,” he said.

In 1994, schools across Barrow raised their voices in song.

A concert on June 15 at Forum 28 in the city was organized by the Barrow Rotary Club and the Barrow Schools’ Music Association.

Among the schools involved were Abbotsmead Juniors of Barrow, Dane Ghyll, Holy Family, St George’s, St Paul’s and Victoria Juniors.

The older choirs came from St Bernard and Alfred Barrow Secondary Schools.

Choirs from Roose, Barrow Island and South Walney Elementary Schools also added their voices.

Elizabeth J. Harless