“The man who took it doesn’t know its price”

* Former River goalkeeper Leandro Chichizola reveals the fate of the first shirt worn by Messi at the Monumental

October 9, 2005 Argentina was imposed by 2 to 0 Compared to Peru In commemorate and sealed his qualifications for world Cup who organized Germany Next year. It was not another game. In addition to achieving the goal, led by artists Jose Nestor Peckerman it was Lionel Messi between the headlines. objectives of Juan Roman Riquelme and Luis Guadalupe, On the other hand, he is not remembered as a presentation of Rosario Starr, who had his official presentation with the national representative with the number 19 on his back.

What was amazing was the fate of the shirt worn that day crack who is currently working PSGAnd the one who recited it perfectly was the former goalkeeper River, Leandro Chichizola“It was like that: I was the ball receiver for the national team with the other colleagues at the pension on the other side of the river. In a match before the 2006 World Cup, Messi gave me his shirt, which was number 19.begins his story in dialogue ESPN,

“He played a friendly game and was sent off (in Hungary), but in another memorial game against Peru, which Argentina won and qualified for the World Cup in Germany, he gave interviews. I asked him if he would give me his shirt and he looked at me. I was 14 and asked security for the shirt. Leo he gave me!“, Continued the current goalkeeper of jet-coffee,

Unfortunately for him, Relic met an unexpected end. ,I took it home and then gave it to a friend who was about to come to Europe when he was going to play at Union Deportiva Las Palmas. I wanted to take it to Leo so he could sign it for me and tell him a story he probably won’t remember. It was a shirt that arrived at Primera, but when my friend’s car was stolen they also took the shirt because it was stored in the car. Whoever has this shirt today surely doesn’t know its value as it was the first shirt Messi wore in the senior team.“, he underlined.

your last contact with For money It was during the historic final of Libertadores Cup together Marcelo Gallardo Defeated boca in the Spanish capital. “On the day of the Bernabéu, I was with Fer Cavanaghi, Manu Lanzinic and all the boys River That we were in Europe and we realized Leo was in the box behind us. suppose he throws bandaged. It’s from Newell, but in his heart the river throws him. Even his idol was Pablo Amaro“, he concluded.

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