The officer collar shirt is the best way to add warm priestly energy to your fall cuts

During the first few months of lockdown, confined to my apartment and desperate to spice things up in any way I could, I embarked on a short period of DIY. I’m not a particularly craft-inclined guy, so for me this process started with sifting through the unholy amount of clothes I managed to hoard recently, separating the wheat from the chaff, and then decide what to keep for good. But before I could let go of anything, I had to assess which pieces were in my immediate power to change for the better, without the sizable skills of the tailor I normally relied on to help me. And this is where things got tricky, folks. (Therefore, to say.)

I cut the hems of a pair of pants that I never had time to change, leaving the bottom raw and threaded. I took scissors off a couple of long sleeve t-shirts, turning them into short-sleeved (longer) t-shirts that I could almost go wrong thinking they looked genuinely worn. Hell, I distressed a fucking sweater. (* Cue the Future type beat * We’re gonna fuck sweaters, fuck sweaters!) In new officer collar shirts. I cut the collar of a shirt (new to me) from Issey Miyake and a shirt (actually new) from Imperial post. I cut the collar off a bunch of moldy butcher’s striped Brooks Brothers OCBDs that I hadn’t touched in years and an absolutely messed up ’70s Wrangler shirt. And folks: I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The officer collar shirt is like any old button down you already have in your arsenal, except for one important detail: the whole damn collar. When buttoned all the way to the top it creates a long, clean line (providing a bit of Hot Priest energy in the process) and when left fully unbuttoned, as it should be all summer long. , it tends to wrap comfortably on either side of the body. , entirely free from the weight of a protruding and protruding collar.

If you’re not a handyman yourself, I’ve got some great news. These days, brands of all types make style imaginable in every way, and if you want to skip all the hassle and get yourself a shirt with the collar already cut off, they are all yours to buy. (FYI: If you end up putting scissors on a few shirts you already own, don’t blame me if the results go wrong. I had a mohel’s hands, man. Cut carefully.)

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Oxford Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to participate in the necklace action. (And come in, you should!) Topman’s short-sleeved style packs all the punch of its designer counterparts for well under fifty dollars.

Slim fit linen button-down shirt

Ditto Club Monaco linen takes on style, a light sheen and all.

Linen officer collar shirt

Everlane’s linen option is as floaty as the Club Monaco one, but comes in a subtle blue and white stripe ready to go for those long summer nights spent thinking about all the shit you usually would when of a long summer night.

Tunic shirt with grandfather collar

Be the cool grandpa whose wardrobe your swaggy offspring will actually want to steal.

Paneled shirt without collar

Pro tip: Contrasting navy blue panels add immediate visual interest to any otherwise clean look.

Big Band Collar Windbreaker Shirt

Turns out, you don’t have to give up the big bands to cop a big band.

Namibia black shirt

A stylish, limited-edition take made in Philadelphia, the historic hub of bustling fashion. (Hey, it could happen!)

Collarless patchwork cotton shirt

Come for the quilting, stay for the hand spun khadi cotton which has been naturally dyed using a process involving fructose based fermentation.

Garment-dyed grandfather collar shirt

Hey, if the brand is good enough for Bind

Solid color shirt

Abasi Rosborough’s style resembles something that people in a highly evolved utopian society would wear for years into the future. In other words, it’s perfect for the here and now.

Redux Sandman blue shirt

The tie-dye is not yet dead.

Mandarin collar shirt with bandana print

Subtle and largely monochrome patterns on the style, done in two ways. First up: Greg Lauren’s right fire bandana print number.

Mandarin collar shirt with abstract print

Followed by the pleated papi itself and a skinny polyester style that I would let slip over me any day of the week.

Oversized shirt with mandarin collar

Hmm, do you think to yourself. Can I take a single product that this guy recommends seriously? What if he was in the pockets of … Big Pocket. (Big Pocket: cut the fucking check, baby! I’m happy to pay for you dirty crooks any day.)

Mandarin collar shirt with floral print

A soft viscose blend style from Martine Rose a budding master (heh) to suddenly make you wish you had a lot of shit that you never even considered wearing before seeing her version.

Grandfather collar cotton-poplin shirt

A classic striped style with mother of pearl buttons from a legendary blouse that’s been around since the 1800s. (The brand’s Paris store is widely regarded as the premier shirt store, as ever.)

Indigo Shibori Shirt

Damn it, man. Where to start? Dion Lee’s button-down collar features an indigo-dyed shibori pattern, snap closures and a concealed button closure to the front. Are you still convinced?

Poplin shirt with officer collar


A longer style with a bib on the front and a subtle pattern on the back (made in Japan, just the way you like it).

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