The officer collar shirt is worth a look

There is a style of shirt that seems to arouse strong reactions: the officer collar, a.k.a the grandfather collar shirt. Some like the look and feel of a collarless shirt; it is much cooler in the heat and humidity and can be striking if worn with the right outfit. Other guys would prefer a shirt made of broken glass and barbed wire, as long as it has a suitable collar.

But the reasonable man considers all the options. The dress shirt with a stand-up collar is enjoying a resurgence, and it’s worth giving it a chance this year. I’m from the camp who find these weird shirts with a suit, but admit they look great as a casual summer shirt. Or maybe with a light waistcoat and summer dress pants for a little more formal occasions.

It turns out that Todd Snyder has his Henley Crossbody Collar on sale for $ 89 right now, so this is your chance to try out this look without spending a ton of money. Since it’s a sweater, it looks a lot more relaxed than a button up, so you won’t even miss the collar. There is also a striped navy version and one in and one in gray gingham also. They are 100 percent cotton, made in Portugal, and pair perfectly with shorts, chinos or jeans. Think of this as your chance to dip your toes into the world of collared shirts instead of diving into the head (and collar) first.

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Elizabeth J. Harless