The Rolling Stones renew their collaboration with sustainable t-shirt brand Tonn

The rolling stones have renewed their collaboration with sustainable Irish t-shirt brand Tonn, in a collection now available from the group RS Store No.9 Carnaby and online.

The line, part of lifestyle brand RS No.9 Carnaby, announces a new partnership with Tonn, which produces organic t-shirts from ethically sourced cotton. These are designed in Ireland and produced in Portugal with a traceable production chain. Tonn were selected to produce t-shirts for Ronnie wood for the No filter tour in 2018.

The collection includes three designs of t-shirts, each of them incorporating the distinctive red color synonymous with The Rolling Stones in the lettering, and as worn by Wood on the tour. The three styles include one long sleeve t-shirt in black and two short sleeve t-shirts in white and black respectively.

The t-shirts are all finished with a shamrock label to symbolize the company’s Irish roots, and the RS No.9 Carnaby logo is engraved on the inside of each shirt. Prices are £ 50 for short sleeve t-shirts and £ 60 for long sleeves; they are available in the flagship store at 9 Carnaby Street in London’s Soho, and online.

Tonn General Manager Mary Harding said: “When the Rolling Stones contacted us to create exclusive designs for them, three years after Ronnie Wood wore our T-shirt over their No filter tour, I was ecstatic. The biggest band in the world had taken this little Irish brand to heart and they wanted to share Tonn with their fans.

“This Rolling Stones X Tonn collaboration has been the best thing that has happened to us during Covid,” she continues, “and we are very proud to have to do something right to get this opportunity. ”

Bravado Managing Director David Boyne notes: “We are delighted to be working with Tonn, a brand with great enduring credentials. The t-shirt collection is a great combination of the RS No.9 Carnaby and Tonn brands, with a nod to the style worn by Ronnie on the No filter tower.”

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Elizabeth J. Harless