The Saw Doctors fanatic flew in from New York for the Galway concert! – Connacht Grandstand – Galway City Grandstand:

A fanatical Saw Doctors fan flew in from New York to attend the band’s reunion gig at a small venue in Galway – only he didn’t have a ticket for the sold-out gig.

But the man – in his 50s and with strong local connections – was hanging around the community center in Kilconly hoping something might happen.

Promoters and staff repeatedly told him the venue was confined to a crowd of 350 and tickets sold out within hours.

However, as the start of the concert approached, he stayed outside the community center, hoping against all hope for a miracle to happen that would allow him to enter.

He explained that he had come from the Big Apple for the concert and had previously followed them to various venues around the world.

And then, out of the blue, it was learned that a ticket had become available in Blake’s Pub as the original purchaser had come down with Covid and could not attend.

In a flash, our Sawdocs worshiper scurried across the road and wasted no time grabbing the available ticket and had a great time, by all accounts.

They traveled from Miami, Spain, Glasgow, Aberdeen, various parts of England and, of course, the surrounding areas to see a Sawdoctors show by seven reborn musicians – having also sold out Claremorris for a concert later this month.

All rumors of a demise of Saw Doctors seem to be greatly exaggerated.

Promoter Paul Devaney, a star of Operation Transformation, said that given the phenomenal success of this gig, there were plans to have the guys from Tuam play at the fifth annual Wild West Country Fest in Kilconly next year, when there will be more than 2,000 capacity.

He said the reaction to the band must not have been unexpected and it showed that they hadn’t lost their appeal more than three decades after their first real hit, I Useta Lover.

The Wild West Country Fest takes place every June holiday weekend and Paul said it would make the event if the band were available to headline the event.

“Their continued appeal cannot be underestimated and, signed, they have come from hundreds of thousands of miles to see them at Kilconly,” he said.

“It was wonderful for the community and tickets were bought within hours of going on sale,” said Paul, who explained that the community center in Kilconly had installed acoustic curtains so that any noise wouldn’t affect people. local households.

Elizabeth J. Harless