The second round of the televised presidential debate saw the candidates quiz each other on fairness and assess the current COVID-19 prevention systemNews

The second round of the presidential debate saw the four candidates dig directly into the question of the suffering of young adults in their twenties and thirties and how to provide them with fair opportunities.
And the candidates of the two main parties questioned each other on the interpretation of fairness.

“The children of the people you worked with get important jobs in the Seongnam city government, which is difficult for ordinary people. And it seems to be different from the fairness you like to claim.”

“Firstly your first assertion is completely false. The Board of Audit and Inspection has done many audits and found no issues. They all came with fair competition while stock manipulation makes thousands of victims, and that doesn’t seem to be in fairness. Could you explain that part?

“Although it is a smaller case than the Daejang-dong scandal, a number of prosecutors have been assigned to this case and have not found any problem so far.”

Speaking later about COVID-19 and its method of prevention, Lee praised the policies of the current administration, but said the government still had work to do.

“I believe the nation should be held accountable for the sacrifices of our citizens in response to COVID-19.”

Others, including minor People’s Party opposition candidate Ahn Cheol-soo and minor Progressive Party candidate Sim Sang-jeung, did not like the current system.

“January 26, 2020, it was called the Wuhan flu. When I said it was more serious than MERS, on January 30, President Moon said stop spreading fake news.”

“We were warned two months ago that the Omicron wave was coming. Despite the two months, we had a sudden change in the virus prevention system and were not ready at all.”

“Candidate Lee said right before that our administration’s K-Quarantine was successful, but I don’t see it that way. The first problem was, as candidate Ahn said, they didn’t listened to the experts.”

Sim also questioned the ethics of the two leading candidates as their spouses were rumored during the campaign.
Car Lee Sim discussed a recent scandal involving his wife’s use of a public officer for personal family-related duties.

“But you had HR authority over that assistant. That’s why I don’t see this as a risk posed by your wife, but a risk on your part. What do you think?”

“I have no excuse and I want to apologize for not handling things strictly.”

Sim addressed the stock price manipulation allegations against Yoon’s wife, saying more evidence has surfaced.

“For someone intent on driving stock prices higher by getting rid of stock transfer taxes, not being exempt from serious criminal allegations regarding capital market disruption is misleading.”

“I don’t know how the details of the prosecution’s investigation were leaked to the media or what that means.”

Another highly anticipated scene from the debate was how the leading candidates would approach Ahn.
The audience wonders if Yoon and Ahn will merge into one conservative candidate.
Keeping that in mind, Lee appealed to Ahn, saying he hoped for an end to the current bipartisan politics.

“Although we are enemies during the campaign, when it ends, I want to ask you to be on the same team. What do you think?”

“That’s what I said first.”

Yoon also approached Ahn cautiously.
Mainly asking Ahn things they would agree on.

“Which poses a bigger problem in Korea-China relations? Buy THAAD from the US and install it and we use X-band radar or attack and sink Chinese fishing vessels?”

“Of course attacking and sinking Chinese fishing boats.”

The debate lasted nearly 140 minutes.
Next Tuesday, the official campaign period begins.
That means voters will see at least three more televised debates between then and Election Day on March 9.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

Elizabeth J. Harless