This dog collar tracks heart health, activity, sleep quality and has GPS.

Connected watches are quickly becoming the must-have accessory. Whether for fashion, fitness or to stay connected. But have you ever thought of one for your pet?

A company that provides GPS trackers for bikes, cars, and personal effects has made this idea possible with its “Biometric Health Collar for Dogs.”

The company called Invoxia launched the Smart Dog Collar this week at CES 2022, one of the most influential tech events in the world, according to the event website.

The collar won two CES Innovation Awards at the event and is the “first connected collar for dogs that gives you a window into your pet’s long-term health and allows you to react quickly before it’s too late” , according to Invoxia.

The Smart Dog Collar provides insight into your pet’s vital signs, activity levels and sleep quality. The company claims the collar can detect heart problems and other illnesses while there is still time to treat them, as it was developed with veterinary specialists.

Additionally, the collar’s real-time GPS tracking feature and evacuation alerts prevent users from losing their pets.

Inoxia predicts that the Smart Dog Collar, which is supposed to work with all fur types, will be available this summer with an estimated price of $99. But, the GPS features will require a monthly subscription of $12.99, according to reports from

Elizabeth J. Harless