THUMPER’s Benedict Warner-Clayton on Taylor Hawkins: ‘I saw Foo Fighters play Oxegen and he was just phenomenal’

On March 25, 2022, the terrible news passed through wires, cables and routers that Taylor Hawkins had died in his room at the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota, in the capital city of Columbia, Bogotá where his band Foo Fighters were on tour . Here, some of Ireland’s greatest drummers pay their respects.

Benedict Warner-Clayton (HAPPINESS)

He was a big figure for me. I loved the Foo Fighters when I started playing drums as a teenager. To most people, Dave Grohl is the band’s figurehead – but the Foo Fighters drums came from Taylor, and I loved that.

He had this unique package in the way he played and the way he acted. His energy and stamina were so impressive. ‘Everlong’, in particular – it’s just relentless. He played with real power, but he also had fun. I saw the band play at Oxegen and they were just phenomenal. He had this energy, this charisma and this enthusiasm; it was so impressive to watch.

His defeat hit me hard. It was quite moving to see how much he affected and influenced so many people, both as a person and as a player. By all accounts, he was just a really nice person. He sat on the side of the stage and watched the first part, chatted with everyone who came to see him after the shows. He was such a positive figure.

I would hate to see a band pack up because a member died. But it will always feel like a part of them is missing. It will be the Foo Fighters minus Taylor from now on.

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Elizabeth J. Harless