Tiger Saw and the reasons why: wet and unlucky

Tiger Saw and the reasons why – wet and unlucky

Epifo Music – 2021

The world moves in mysterious ways, and when Dylan Metrano of the Massachusetts sadcore band Tiger Saw Reserved Arkansas Country Act Dylan Earl and the reasons why play a gig with his band, he didn’t expect that Wet and unlucky would be the result. Metrano fell deeply in love with the band’s old school country twang, knowing immediately that he was going to have to collaborate with them. Fortunately, they agreed with his assessment, resulting in one of the most intriguing albums to be released this year.

A slow, creepy groove underscores “Wet and Unlucky,” unveiling the real-life story of Metrano hearing the band at the start. “I Heard a Band Singing ‘Jolene'” establishes the sense of wonder and the irresistible urge to record with them that he felt. The song simmers with slide and piano, creating an intersection between the two musical worlds. The sense of wonder at what was being created seems to permeate every groove.

The laid-back slide takes over on “The Moon Last Night is Gone Today.” Moody and moving, the song deals with the grief that overwhelmed Metrano following the death of his father. Striking in its ability to capture the mood of desperation one feels and the realization of carrying on with all that remains, despite how difficult it may be. Fence slide work only serves to increase the desire to live in the track.

More downright country, “I’m a YouTube Series, You’re Prestige TV” looks back on a relationship doomed to failure. The participants are just too different to get things done, “I know there’ll never be you and me / We’re too different, I think it’s obvious.” Despite that, there’s a liveliness to the song that would sound great on Nashville radio.

The power of the music lies at the heart of “All Dogs Go To Heaven,” as intense piano delivers chords that set this song on a path that seems to negate the country nature of things, but the steel guitar that ends the track exemplifies. opposite. . Along the way, Metrano sings about the power of music, “In these stacks of vinyl I have everything I need / The words of David Berman and the gospel of Lou Reed.

Along the way, we are treated to an incredible duet between Metrano and Geneviève Beaudoin, from the group Dead Gowns, which ends in just two minutes, a bit like the great moments of George Jones and Tammy Wynette or Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton. “Watching Reruns of our Love” ends up verifying the names of Bonnie and Clyde, Johnny Cash and June Carter while resting on the three-part harmonies of Metrano, Earl and Beaudoin. Finally, there’s sweat and bluster in “We’ll Always Have The Night.”

In perfect country fashion, the album ends far too quickly; always leaves them wanting more. The nine titles of Wet and unlucky leave us wanting a lot more Tiger Saw and The Reasons Why. Who would have ever thought that sadcore and country would merge so successfully?

Order Wet and Unlucky through Bandcamp: https://tigersaw.bandcamp.com/album/wet-unlucky

Website: https://tigersaw.com/

Elizabeth J. Harless