Unusual! Ferran played with a shirt without the Barça crest

FC Barcelona “debuted” in the european league with a party correct in tactics but deficient in force. Those of Xavi Hernández finished in 21 occasions, where only five of them were “shots” gone with direction to door. Ferran Torres was the best striker on the pitch but his false goals “marked” him all night. However, there was a detail that did not go unnoticedat least for those who followed the meeting by television.

Once the mediotiempo was over and the actions restarted in the second half, Camp Nou cameras drew attention to the fact that Ferran did not wear the ‘Nike’ logo or the Barca stamp on his T-shirt. Some media claimed that the reason would be that the Barcelona striker dropped his shield during the party, although it would be too casual if the logo of one of the club’s main patrons also ‘lost’.

The reality is that many players, once the first game is finalized, decide to exchange T-shirts in the locker room or use a new one for the last 45 minutes of play. As claimed by the newspaper ‘ACE ‘, what happened was a line error in the production of the blaugrana photo t-shirtswhereby the Valencian had to go out on the pitch with a faulty T-shirt.

It seems that said clothes reached the “collar” until the vestidores passed through all the controls, since no one dares that there was an obvious printing error. It is only when the own forward approached to the band to signal that it did not even carry the shield, that the delegate and the attracted usefulros fail it. In the words of the entity, deals with a bizarre and one-time situation, and will ensure that they do not come back to happen.

A dark night

Ferran was the footballer who had the most opportunities. In addition to the eleven-yard goal, the Spaniard could have condemned the first leg with the amount of goals that erró. Nonetheless, his commitment to the elastic culé was clear and his growth from his later presentations remained demonstrated. Football gives revenge and in a week will decide everything in the Diego Armando Maradona stadium.

Elizabeth J. Harless