Watch: Here’s Kevin Bacon dancing in an immolation shirt

You’d be surprised who a metalhead is. We like to think the genre is inky and impenetrable to the outside world, but come on, these days metal labels are promoting to everyone, and the scene is stretching far and wide. As such, there are more and more people you wouldn’t consider metalheads getting into metal every day, including plenty of mainstream celebrities. For example, here’s actor Kevin Bacon doing some choreography of Free from all ties — while wearing an Immolation shirt.

Yes, according to this video on his Twitter, Bacon represents the kings of brutal death metal Yonkers. The movie star does a bit of dancing with his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick (best known for her work on the TV show The closest), who’s a good sport about it all, even if she herself isn’t wearing a rad-ass death metal shirt.

As The PRP points out, Kevin likely stole this shirt from his son, Travis Bacon, who is a member of both black metalheads Black Anvil and industrial metal collective CONTRACULT. So maybe Bacon heard a bit of Immolation, and really digs them! More likely, though, he needed a T-shirt, and he was in the laundry room and was like, What is this? Ah, Travis, he must have left it here. Yeah, whatever, it works. Still, they’re not a bad band to represent, we’ll give them that!

Anyway, watch the video below and hope Kevin can make some sense of the elders of this town that banned brutal death metal after this car full of kids died in an accident leaving the brutal death metal show. Does that sound ridiculous to you? Well did you see Free from all ties?

Meanwhile, Immolation released their latest album acts of god earlier this year, and it’s slamming, so scroll down and spin the video.

Elizabeth J. Harless