Watch John Lodge’s New Live Performance of ‘Ride My See-Saw’

While the Moody Blues will probably never tour again, bassist and vocalist John Lodge is doing his part to keep the band’s songs alive on the concert stage.

The royal affair and after arrives December 3 and features updated renditions of the band’s best-known songs as well as lesser-heard material, like 1975’s “Saved by the Music.” blue jays collaboration with Moody Blues teammate Justin Hayward.

Lodge also pays tribute to fellow band members Graeme Edge, Mike Pinder and Ray Thomas individually during his set, captured mostly in 2019. The royal affair tour where he opened for Yes.

Current Yes vocalist Jon Davison even comes to sing the lead in the Moody Blues landmark 1967 classic “Nights in White Satin.” The days of the future have passed and share vocals with Lodge on an encore performance of “Ride My See-Saw,” which you can watch below.

“Ride My See-Saw” first appeared in 1968 In search of the lost chord. For years, it was the Moody Blues’ closing song on stage, and Lodge carried on that tradition in his solo shows. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee wrote the song and says it exemplifies a pivotal moment of transition. “[It’s] this thing where you’re out of your teens and all of a sudden you’re in your early twenties and you’re trying to get your life in balance,” he tells UCR. suddenly doesn’t seem to add more to what’s actually out there in life.

Lodge calls the songs The royal affair and after “the soundtrack of his life” and notes that fans will have a better chance of hearing them in person on his recently announced 2022 tour.

The royal affair and after is available on CD and digital download. A special commemorative blue vinyl will be released on January 28.

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