Wayne’s World Director on If Freddie Mercury Saw a Bohemian Rhapsody Scene

EXCLUSIVE: Wayne’s World director Penelope Spheeris wonders if Freddie Mercury saw the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from the film.

Wayne’s World director Penelope Spheeris wonders if Freddie Mercury has seen the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene from the film. The 1992 comedy arrived in the middle of the Saturday Night Live boom in which Paramount Pictures and Lorne Michaels began to ramp up their adaptations of a number of sketches for the big screen, even hitting theaters the same year as other adaptations Bob-Robert and Mr Saturday night. The film centered on rock fans Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar as they host a public-access talk show and begin to sail to fame after being acquired by a television network.

Mike Myers, who also co-wrote the film, and Dana Carvey led the cast of Wayne’s World alongside Tia Carrere, Rob Lowe, Lara Flynn Boyle, Brian Doyle-Murray, Chris Farley, Ed O’Neill, Ione Skye and Meat Loaf. The comedy was released theatrically to largely positive reviews from critics and audiences, who praised it for its ability to translate the skit’s characters into a feature film format. Wayne’s World would also prove to be a financial success for the studio, grossing over $183 million against its $20 million budget and becoming both the tenth-highest-grossing film of its year and the highest-grossing. Saturday Night Live movie to date.


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While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant for the 30th anniversary of the film, Wayne’s World director Penelope Spheeris reflected on her iconic “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene. Asked about reports that Freddie Mercury watched the scene before his death, Spheeris revealed that she does not believe this to be true, doubting the ability of the narrow time frame between the end of production and his death to allow her to have seen it. Check out what Spheeris shared below:

“I’ve heard that before, and I guess it’s not true. I guess it’s not true. I mean, I think the only person who really, really knows is Brian May , and maybe we could ask him If I look at the time between Freddie’s death and the time I finished the movie, it’s really hard to believe that anyone had access to a VHS and brought it and showed it to him. Besides, he was very, very, very sick.

Unfortunately, I went to a party that MCA was having on the ship, the Queen Mary, and everyone was there except Freddie. He was sick. I’m going to have to say that someone is going to have to prove to me that this happened. It’s a strange thing. Someone can make this up, because who’s going to say yes or no?”

Wayne's World Bohemian Rhapsody

While the original Wayne’s World Packed with memorable moments and catchphrases repeated to this day, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene remains the most revered in the entire film. Opening, the scene saw Wayne, Garth and their friends rocking the classic Queen track in their car, until their iconic head hit the instrumental segment near the end of the song. Although the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene remains one of the most memorable in Wayne’s Worldthis almost didn’t happen as the studio originally wanted to use a Guns N’ Roses track, to which Myers threatened to quit the film unless he got the Queen song.

Discussions about whether Freddie Mercury has seen the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene from Wayne’s World have been circulating for years since the film’s release, with Queen guitarist Brian May saying in 2017 that he brought the scene to the singer just before his death, with Mercury responding favorably to it. As Spheeris notes, the window of time in which Mercury saw the scene is rather narrow due to the star’s frail health, although given that she cites May as the likely source of the truth on the matter, his guess may be wrong with the group. the leader gets a chance to watch it. Audiences can rewatch the film and the beloved scene “Bohemian Rhapsody” as Wayne’s World received a new Blu-ray Steelbook for its 30th anniversary, which is now on the shelves.

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