“We saw that shit, Quest!”

Chris Rock wasn’t the only victim of Will Smith’s wrath at the Oscars on Sunday night. Of course, it was Rock’s face that absorbed the power of Smith’s slap after the comedian made a joke about the King Richard the star’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. But the ensuing confusion in the moments after the unexpected skirmish left many viewers trying to piece together what they had just seen, as the US broadcast cut the live stream in order to censor Smith’s language and some of what had happened. Was it all just a sketch?

As viewers feverishly texted friends and checked Twitter to see exactly what they’d missed, one person seemed to get lost in the shuffle: Questlove, the Philadelphia-born musician who first rose to prominence in as the frontman of The Roots, and who has racked up credits as a songwriter, record producer, author, actor, film producer and director (when not fronting the house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon).

It was Questlove, aka Ahmir Thompson, who ended up getting close to an EGOT when he won the Best Documentary Oscar for Summer of Soul (…or, when the revolution couldn’t be televised)a standout reminder of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, a celebration of black music and culture, which was largely overshadowed by Woodstock, the two events partly overlapping.

Luckily, legendary comedian/actor George Wallace made sure to call Questlove’s achievement and assure Quest – who directed and produced the doc – that “We’ve seen that shit, Quest!”

Questlove appreciated and felt the love.

Meanwhile, Smith has formally apologized to Rock for the way things went at last night’s ceremony, saying it was “a work in progress”. Maybe an “I’m sorry” to Questlove will come next.

Elizabeth J. Harless