We’re fashion gurus – the tricks to make clothes fit even when they’re too small and they work every time

ALL bodies are not built the same.

So it’s no surprise that the pair of jeans in the back of your closet aren’t quite right, even if they’re your size.


Fashion tips from India works great for those with bigger breastsCredit: Instagram/@indiabatson/
Bethany says there's a key to making any outfit look great


Bethany says there’s a key to making any outfit look greatCredit: Instagram/@dearlybethany/

When it comes to making clothes, there are seemingly millions of do’s and don’ts.

Speaking to Fabulous, these fashion gurus shared their top tips for making your wardrobe work for you.

India Batson, 27, has 417,000 followers Youtube channel where she shares fashion tips, hair hacks and vlogs about her life.

When it comes to looking good, it all starts with underwear, so choose your bra carefully.

India confessed, “I’d rather have one amazing bra than five shitty bras with no support every day.

“I’m currently a 32G; your bra size varies with your weight and that’s normal!”

Anyone with big boobs knows how hard it is to find a bra that’s anything but the boring beige ones that are always hidden behind the pretty lacy numbers.

India joked, “It just happened, you don’t have to wear a big granny bra just because you have big aunties!”

Just because you have breasts bigger than a C cup doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the latest fashion either.

“Don’t let your lady bits change your style or the way you express yourself.

“If you want to wear the turtleneck sweater with big boobs, DO IT! If you want to wear the backless dress with small boobs, DO IT!”

India isn’t the only one with advice for breast blesseds, Bethany, 33, who passes Dear Bethany online has taught countless women how to make their clothes look their best.

With 1.7 million loyal viewers on it Youtube chain, she gave invaluable style advice.

She shared, “I was once told by a professional bra fitter that it’s all about the band.

“We usually go too big on the band and too small on the cups.

“Instead, try a smaller band and a larger cup, your back will feel a lot more supported.”

And don’t even bother with a strapless bra, “they never stay in place to begin with, so I always found myself trying to hold them down and my arms by my side,” Bethany explained.

“Now I choose Nippies by B-Six, or lingerie that would still look good if it showed a little.”

Of course, not everyone feels like they can get by without a bra, with the fashion pro adding that “if you need extra support, go for a bodysuit.”

India also says wetsuits are the way to go: “They hug you in the right places without pinching or pulling and they also look expensive if they fit properly.”

It’s not just bras that can affect the look of your outfit, if your shoes rub it can ruin the whole day, not just your look.

Bethany recommends investing in insoles for particularly uncomfortable shoes like heels: “If it’s a shoe that can hide a sock, wear it for about a week with socks before wearing them to a major event.

“If they still hurt, then don’t keep them on, you’ll think more about the pain than living in the moment,” she explained.

You’ll never look so stylish or so comfortable in your own body as when you’re literally at ease.

Don’t let your lady bits change your style or the way you express yourself.

India Batson27

When it comes to finding clothes that fit you, don’t overthink it.

“I love elastic waistbands, but I never sweat,” the style star said.

“Instead, I choose linen or silk pants that I can wear with a block heel or stay at home with slip-on mules.”

India’s best advice is to work smarter, not harder.

She said: “Make it look like you’re wearing them all night, but don’t really.

“Take them off in the car, slip them under the table at dinner and stretch your toes.”

With the rest of your outfit, Bethany says it’s all about shapewear.

“They don’t need to be too tight or used to change the shape of the body, but they work wonders for creatively tucking in a top, tucking in the front of a shirt or just one side .

“They can also gather extra fabric and cinch them tightly to reduce bulk.”

“When I style oversized tops, I always try to show some skin, whether it’s on the neckline or on my forearms.

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“Remember to try styling a belt with anything to gather some extra fabric.

“If you want to get the perfect fit, a tailor is always the best bet. I always factor that into my budget for parts,” she added.

People with bigger breasts can still wear fancy clothes, says India


People with bigger breasts can still wear fancy clothes, says IndiaCredit: Instagram/@indiabatson/
Being comfortable is the most important thing according to Bethany


Being comfortable is the most important thing according to BethanyCredit: Instagram/@dearlybethany/

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