What a man’s t-shirt really says about him

Not all logos are created equal, and no one knows that better than Graphic Logo Man, who has been a font enthusiast since discovering Neville Brody as a student. Designer/architect/editor/art director by trade, to say he overdoes logos on his T-shirts is an understatement.

He has a proud selection of vintage Atari, Sega and Mythos (that’s a Greek beer) t-shirts hoarded on the frequent trips he made to New York, Tokyo and Athens on the eve of having children and loved nothing better than rooting around flea markets for obscure and imaginative finds. But RedBubble has screwed it up: now anyone with a credit card and £25.99 can buy a Sega t-shirt, and don’t even toss it on the preponderance of NASA t-shirts flooding the stores. That he can no longer bear to wear his own original NASA t-shirt – bought for £85 from a store in the Shimokitazawa district in the 90s – is still a sore point. Just like the fact that his teenage daughter got into the habit of wearing it as a nightie.

Superdry Men

Outlets have a lot to answer. The same goes for David Beckham. Between them, these clothing barons have created a monster, and his name is Superdry Man. At barbecues across the country, you can see him in his natural habitat, next to the Weber, sipping a Peroni as the burgers gently char.

In his mind, Superdry is the kind of t-shirt that nobody can call you a w—– because, well, it’s Superdry. That’s why it has 15, including a white that says Superdry in black lettering, a khaki that says Superdry in yellow lettering and a faded black that says Superdry Vintage in a retro font. His gray Osaka 6 t-shirt, bought in 2005 shortly after Becks wore it, he keeps for special occasions. He doesn’t want barbecue trash crashing on it, thanks.

Men’s White T-Shirt

He’s old enough to know who James Dean is and stylish enough to admire the classic white t-shirt the legendary actor wore in Rebel Without A Cause, as well as the one sported by Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

After a few too many Red Stripes, his wife once spotted him posing in front of the mirror, cigarette in mouth, doing his best Brando impression, an effect somewhat marred by the fact that the cigarette in question was actually a vape. blueberry flavored. Alas, the lack of similarities between White T Shirt Man and his idol of days The Wild One doesn’t end there. Far from his wife’s body-shaming – she likes well-padded men – but she would like him to buy her white t-shirts a few sizes up, and with a little less Lycra in the mix. White is such an unforgiving color on a belly.

Men’s V-Neck Bottoms

Elizabeth J. Harless