What are the prices for Gucci t-shirts in South Africa 2022 and where to buy them?

Anyone who wears Gucci knows they are making a fashion statement to the world. This is especially the case for Gucci’s t-shirt outfit, as it will make you turn heads when walking among people. Most people would love to rock the Gucci brand, but that is still a dream due to the cost that comes with it. So what are the prices of Gucci t-shirts in South Africa?

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The Gucci brand logo. Photo: @suzannedeljesus
Source: Instagram

You can never go wrong in a Gucci outfit, especially for the Gucci T-shirt men’s wear. The quality is top notch, and so it’s not cheap. Prices for Gucci clothes in South Africa or any other part of the world are high due to the famous brand.

Gucci t-shirt prices in South Africa

Gucci shirts for men range between R5,900 and R37,154. Some stores in South Africa will be priced in Rand, while others will be priced in dollars.

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At the same time, some products may not be readily available and need to be shipped from overseas stores, which may take just a few days. Here are the different types of T-shirts and their varying cost;

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1. Gucci T-shirt (Print Washed) – price from $460

gucci shirts for men
A guest wearing a black Gucci t-shirt is seen outside GCDS during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 on June 19, 2017 in Milan, Italy. Photo: Christian Vierig
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Although the company is renowned for some of the best men’s t-shirts, the faded Gucci print is becoming a trademark. This t-shirt is only available in black and features the Gucci name on the front.

Below the words are the brand colours, red and green, and the letters GG side by side. People wear it better during outdoor activities.

2. Gucci Positively Conscious – price from R675

Gucci t-shirt prices
Prof. Fabio Fang wears a Gucci t-shirt and jacket and Ollie Quinn sunglasses on day 3 of London Collections: Men on June 11, 2017 in Paris, France. Photo: Kirstin Sinclair
Source: Getty Images

This Gucci shirt is completely white in color. Its particularity is that it is simple and adjusted. As a result, it is more adopted by business owners, professionals, and corporate executives. However, if you are not enthusiastic, you may not know that this is a designer t-shirt because the label is inside.

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3. Gucci multicolor sweatshirt – price from $950

Gucci clothing prices
NBA player Willie Cauley-Stein attends the D’USSE Show at Ward-Kovalev 2: ‘The Rematch’ on June 17, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Jerritt Clark
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This outfit is perfect for the winter season. It is a polo sweatshirt that is white in color and consists of a combination of colors forming stripes that cover the chest and upper arms. It is also unique because of the Gucci logo in the center.

4. Positively Conscious Donald Duck Sweatshirt by Gucci – prices start at $1,050

It is a perfect garment for outdoor activities and during cold seasons. It is made from cotton and has a uniform color with the image of Donald Duck on the front side.

5. Gucci Logo Print Hoodie – price from $1,170

It is a popular product of Gucci. It is available in black and has a golden double G Gucci logo on the front. The logo is available in red and green and bears the Gucci name on all four sides.

6. Gucci Logo Tape Hoodie – price from $1,170

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This is a popular product in the market made from cotton. It is characterized by a brown band with the Gucci logo that extends from the shoulder to the sleeve.

7. Gucci Cable Knit Bomber Jacket – prices start at $1,290

It is one of the brand’s most popular garments. It has uniform colors and iconic red and green colors on the arm and sleeves. It is a perfect outfit for outerwear.

8. Gucci Off the Grid Jacket – prices from $1,570

This jacket is a perfect combination and blend of nylon and cotton. The coat has the Gucci logo stamped all over the fabric and two pockets. It is an excellent garment for outdoors and during the winter season.

9. Gucci Logo Windbreaker – prices from $1,570

This one is made of cotton and is characterized by a uniform color. It also has the red and green Gucci colors, which extend as stripes from the shoulder to the sleeve. The bands also cross the chest and are ideal for outdoor activities.

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What are the prices for Gucci t-shirts in South Africa 2022 and where to buy them?
The super comfortable Gucci Windbreaker is considered casual yet smart. @wardrobeluxury
Source: Instagram

10. Gucci Grid Nylon Jacket – priced from $2,095

Although new to the market, this product is growing in popularity. The jacket is made of nylon and is square. Its long sleeves characterize it and also come with a band and a collar.

It also has the reverse GG printed all over the fabric and two slightly slanted pockets on the lower parts of the jacket. This jacket is ideal for outerwear, but depends on how best it fits you.

11. Gucci Monogram Patterned Coat – priced from $2,595

This beautiful coat is thickly hooded. It is characterized by its perfect blend of nylon and cotton fabric that sets it apart from others. The Gucci logo is printed on the lower part while the top remains plain.

The patterned coat is also equipped with two side pockets and a brown band with the Gucci logo repeatedly printed from the shoulder to the sleeve.

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12. Gucci Knit Cardigan – price from $3,004

This fantastic cardigan is perfect to wear over a shirt. It is multicolored and has the G logo printed in spike-shaped squares. It is an ideal garment for professionals and business people.

What are the prices for Gucci t-shirts in South Africa 2022 and where to buy them?
Gucci’s knit cardigans are stylish and comfortable. Photo: @luxuryamies
Source: Instagram

Gucci stores in South Africa

Interestingly, there are only three Gucci stores on the African continent. However, two of these stores are in South Africa. This is where you can buy the product you want;

1. U15 Diamond Walk Sandton City Store, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2196, South Africa.

2: Boutique 7223, Victoria Wharf V&A Waterfront Shopping Centre, Cape Town, 8002, South Africa.

Is there a Gucci shirt?

Yes, there are different types of Gucci shirts as mentioned in this article.

Where are Gucci shirts made?

The luxury parent company is Kering and is located in Paris, France. The company has more than 400 stores worldwide and more than 17,150 employees.

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Gucci t-shirt prices in South Africa are not for everyone. It’s for those who dream of wearing Gucci and are willing to pay for it. Therefore, you must make wise decisions before deciding to spend on Gucci clothes. Every coin spent will be worth it as the products are very unique.

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