What clothes should be in the wardrobe of every pregnant woman?

During pregnancy, you want to look your best and enjoy every day of this wonderful time. In order for the future mother to feel comfortable, it is important to choose the right wardrobe for her. Modern clothes for pregnant women are designed for comfortable walks in the city, special occasions and for everyday work.

Jeans, sweaters, dresses, maternity topsblouses and other wardrobe items are made taking into account changes in the figure of the future mother.

When buying things for yourself during pregnancy, it’s important to consider seasonality. For example, if the second or third trimester of pregnancy falls in the summer, it is worth buying sundresses, dresses, leggings and other light clothes that do not restrict movement, n don’t put pressure on your stomach and allow you not to give up your usual way of life.

What else to consider when choosing clothes for pregnant women? We describe the main aspects below.

How to choose clothes for pregnant women

In the wardrobe of the future mother there should be basic items that will become the “foundation” of all images. Basic clothing is characterized by:

  • concise cut;
  • restrained shades;
  • lack of decorative elements.

The base is made up of things that go well with each other. In this case, the base can be not only in black, white and beige tones, but also in other colors. For example, you can focus on pastel tones. The following things will become basic for a pregnant woman’s wardrobe:

Plain blouses and turtlenecks

They can be worn with pants, skirts, jeans and leggings. These clothes are suitable for both business and casual styles. Loose and tight, it is perfect for all seasons. In the summer, they can be worn as independent elements of images. In autumn and spring, they are complemented with a jacket, cardigan or raincoat. In winter, blouses and turtlenecks can be used in layered looks.

What clothes should be in the wardrobe of every pregnant woman?

Neutral colored sports dress

It can be worn not only for walks in the park and at home, but also for photo shoots. By complementing this hooded dress with stylish sneakers, you can create a fashionable look that will definitely be appreciated by others.

warm leggings

They can be worn with a skirt or shorts, or under jeans or trousers, to make the expectant mother feel even more comfortable on a cold winter day.

Jeans For Pregnant Women

What clothes should be in the wardrobe of every pregnant woman?

With an elastic band at the waist, they are perfect for any occasion. A correctly selected model will not put pressure on the stomach, so you can spend the whole day in such jeans without discomfort.

When the base is assembled, you should think about buying outerwear. Jackets several sizes larger may not fit on the stomach if the last months of pregnancy are in the winter. It is better to pay attention to models with elastic inserts at the waist.

When buying items for a pregnant woman, it is also worth considering:

Midi skirts

These wardrobe items go well with sweaters, blouses, jackets, turtlenecks. The color of the skirt can be bright – wine, emerald, blue, turquoise, orange or, for example, lilac. Products made of dense materials can be worn not only in autumn, but also in winter, if you complement them with insulating leggings.

Sweatshirt, pants or skirt suit. Sporty and warm option for outdoor activities.

Bright blouses

A calm and simple look can be made more interesting by wearing a bright blouse. Do not be afraid of asymmetry, prints and stripes.

Knitted Bodycon Dresses

What clothes should be in the wardrobe of every pregnant woman?

And while they can be uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis, they can be worn on a visit, for birthday parties and for photo shoots. Such clothes allow you to emphasize changes in the figure and focus on the rounded stomach.

Loose Casual Dresses

Oversize has been in fashion for several years now, so loose pieces don’t surprise anyone anymore. Emphasizing the waist, in this case, is not necessary, but it can be done with a strap.

summer bloomers

These pants are characterized by a variety of elastic bands with which you can adjust the waist and fix the pants on the hips or on the stomach. The light and fine material used for this model allows the skin to breathe. Bloomers are the best maternity pants for the summer season.

Summer dresses

What clothes should be in the wardrobe of every pregnant woman?

Sefree-cut models are in fashion today. At the same time, the belly, which is not squeezed, but only emphasized with the help of such clothing, also adds tenderness to the image. Pregnant women usually prefer bright summer dresses.

When choosing items for the wardrobe of a pregnant woman, it is better to highlight two or three colors that will look good together. This approach will allow you to create many images with minimal stuff. The main rule is to carefully study the dimensional grid of the manufacturer. Each store may have different sizes, so it is best to check this information each time.

Elizabeth J. Harless