Woman reportedly ‘dress code’ at Disney and asked to wear a new shirt

A 23-year-old woman visiting a Disney park alleged on TikTok that she had a “dress code” and asked to wear a replacement shirt. User @toragrams didn’t specify which theme park she was at, but based on her TikTok bio identifying her as Florida, outlets like Newsweek suggested it was at Walt Disney World in Orlando. According to the Disney World website, “Disney reserves the right to refuse or expel anyone wearing attire deemed inappropriate.” In terms of what constitutes “inappropriate,” the site adds, “clothing that inherently exposes parts of the skin that may be considered inappropriate for a home environment.” In the case of @toragrams, she filmed herself wearing a cropped black cardigan with a center tie. a commentator who claimed to have worked at Disney said “the rule is your top can’t have just a string to hold it together”. Protocol for being “dress code” was for @toragrams to receive a voucher to pick up a new shirt. Other commenters seemed confused as to why, in particular, @toragrams’ shirt had been questioned – given that most of his upper body was covered by the cardigan. “I don’t see anything wrong with your outfit…?” ? someone said. “Is it hot in Florida…?”. But several people pointed out that the ropes could come loose on rides or, worse, get tangled in them and injure someone.

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Elizabeth J. Harless