Woman shares terrifying security footage showing ‘ghost’ removing her dog’s collar

A TikTok video has gone viral after a woman shared the haunting moment security cameras caught a ‘ghost’ removing her dog’s collar.

Dog owner Shannyfantg was watching security footage of her two dogs when she saw the haunting moment.

Sharing the clip to her TikTok account @user3228721954538, she urged people to watch her black dog.

She said: “Sorry for the obnoxious barking at first. Watch my black dog. Ghost takes his collar off in his crate.

The video shows the two dogs, both in separate crates, barking at each other. The barking continues until about 25 seconds into the video.

The two dogs then fall silent, bringing an ominous atmosphere to the room.

The dogs seem to be on their toes until the black dog in the cage on the right starts moaning when his collar is open and suddenly rears up into the cage as far as he can.

Dog collar removed in ‘scary’ security video

The necklace then falls to the ground.

The footage convinced the homeowner there was a ‘ghost’ in her home, and she’s not the only one as people flocked to the comments section to discuss the paranormal occurrence.

The video has since garnered over a million likes and thousands of comments.

One person said, “I’ve never seen such compelling ghost video.”

Another wrote: “They both went super quiet…they felt the energy.”

A third said: ‘The silence is disturbing.

Someone else said, “Something that bothers dogs is not for me.”

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Others have suggested that the necklace got caught on one of the metal crate bars, causing it to come loose.

They said: “The collar was stuck on the crate, when the dog turned its head, it unbuckled. The dog was startled by the unbuckling of the collar and jumped back. Come on people.”

“The only thing that would make sense – MORE THAN A GHOST (which I believe) is that the collar was too tight, the dog twisted its neck and made it come off. The dog is scared and jumps back. »

But not everyone was convinced because the dog was ‘not near the sides of this crate so he could get stuck on anything’.

Elizabeth J. Harless