Woman turned away from bar because of her t-shirt – despite offering to cover up

Sue Dearne says she will never return to Barluga in Newcastle after learning she and her sister were unwelcome – despite being offered to cover the Magpies t-shirt

The 64-year-old was told she couldn’t come in – despite her offering to cover up

A football fan has been turned away from one of her favorite bars because she wore her team’s name on a t-shirt. The doormen still wouldn’t let her in even after she promised to put on a cardigan.

Newcastle United supporter Sue Dearne, 64, had traveled to St James Park to watch the Toon Army take on Liverpool on Saturday.

On her way home from the Premier League game, she wanted to pop into Barluga in the city center for a drink, ChronicleLive reports.

But she was refused entry, with bosses saying it is a non-football related policy that has been in place at the site for 20 years to ‘ensure the environment for all customers is maintained “.

Sue, from Northumberland, says she was looking forward to reuniting with her sister Helen quickly before returning home to West Yorkshire.

Sue Dearne has been refused entry to Barluga in Newcastle city center because of her football shirt


Newcastle Chronicle)

But they must have made other plans – despite swearing cover – and now refuse to return.

Sue said: “We met her at Grey’s Monument and I said ‘that’ll be lovely, we’ll go to Barluga’.

“I often meet friends there for lunch or for a coffee, they have a nice terrace and I thought it would be calm with a good atmosphere and that we could catch up.

“When we arrived there were two bouncers at the door. One of them said ‘you can’t come in’ so I said ‘oh, ok, you’re full’.

He said ‘no, it’s because of the top you’re wearing'”.

She said the bouncer explained it was company policy


Sue Dearne)

She said the bouncer explained that company policy prohibits anyone from wearing a football jersey or colors.

When she explained the situation to her sister, Helen offered her a cardigan to cover the extra – but Sue claims the bouncer refused to let her in without doing so because, he said, “she would just take it off once she was inside.” ‘.

She added: “I was furious because it was so ridiculous. I just thought, where did common sense go?

“It was around 2:45 p.m. The bouncer mentioned that my top would disrupt other people’s dining experience, but it’s not like it was a night where people were all dressed up for dinner. Anyway, I didn’t feel scruffy, I liked my T-shirt.

“I just think common sense should have prevailed, and to say I was going to take the cardigan off when I walked in, I was quite offended. I was shocked, especially in my hometown.

“I just thought ‘I won’t go back to Barluga again, I’ll spend my money elsewhere’.”

A spokesperson for the Vaulkhard Group which runs the bar said: “Barluga has been our property for 20 years and this policy has always been in place, along with other entry, reservation and house rules in the venue.

“A policy is never implemented to antagonize an individual, but to ensure that the environment for all customers is maintained.

“I think our standards have served us and our guests well, and we have a venue held in high regard by our customers, staff and authorities.”

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