Wrexham and Flintshire pubs enjoyed a quiet New Years Eve

Pubs in Wrexham and Flintshire have enjoyed a quiet New Years Eve this year following restrictions.

With the restrictions in place from Boxing Day, local pubs that had to change their plans reported that many people did not bother to celebrate in Wales but instead crossed the border into the England where they were unrestricted.

Glasfryn in Mold was one of the many pubs and restaurants that had to adapt quickly and change their plans.

Adam Owen, Deputy Director, said: “It was really totally different, it didn’t really look like New Years Eve, and with the table restrictions!

“We were supposed to have a live band and they had to cancel otherwise it would have been classified as an indoor event.

“We were going to offer a set menu, but due to cancellations we also had to offer a normal menu which is a shame as the pub was originally booked for this.

“It’s really a bit of a nightmare – we had to close the bar at 11pm rather than the scheduled time of 12:30 am, so that has changed dramatically for us.

“Being so close to the border is huge for us when you can drive 25 minutes down the road and be in England so it affected us because a lot of people have probably been there where there are no restrictions rather than stay on this side. ”

Wrexham Parish is known for its concerts, but was unable to host one due to restrictions and decided not to open at all on New Years Eve.

Kev Matthias, of Parish and Craft & Tails, kept the latter open under restrictions but only had eleven tables available – and had five no shows at night.

They are now closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the parish and Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays Craft & Tails due to restrictions.

Kev said: “For business it’s not good, for New Years Eve the city was empty. I know someone else who only had two tables so it wasn’t worth opening wholesale.

“I’d love to understand where they’re coming from, but when you cross the border to a Chester full of rams, I don’t understand.”

Elizabeth J. Harless