Yes My Chemical Romance Really Sells Gay Tramp Stamp Shirt

“Tbh, I was just freaking out as a fan of the music, but also that they even know me, haha,” Taylor said. “And they probably saw me doing some really dirty things.”

Although Taylor, who is also a huge fan of Gerard Way’s comic book series, has become a Netflix hit The Umbrella Academytried to negotiate signed merchandising, he agreed to a “nice deal” with the band and took the pictures for them.

“Honestly, it’s all been fun,” Taylor said. “I didn’t know when [the shirts] would fall or if, but it happened and I found out via Twitter who was WILD! The hilarious and also super friendly comments were amazing and it made the situation even weirder and dreamlike fever haha. None of this seems quite real.

Although one may be tempted to see both the tiger beat-esque and tramp stamp designs as a cynical submission to a very odd fan base, it’s important to note that this band has almost always been like this. Famous Gerard Way loved to talk about sucking dick on stage in the 2000s, whether it was for cocaine or to distinguish himself from fellow New Jersey musician David Cassidy.

The band’s inclusion of Taylor, including her identification by name at the merchandising table, instead seems like a meaningful, albeit cheeky, tribute to the band’s queer past and fanbase — an assessment with which Taylor, who identifies himself as panseuxal, agrees.

He told me that being “seen by a mainstream group is a huge respect from them” and that he really appreciated being asked to do this, although he also said it was ” still totally insane”.

“I just think they could have hired anybody, like a sexy woman smoking a cigarette like so many bands do and call it ‘pissed off,’ but they didn’t,” Taylor says. “They hired the mixed-race, queer, ex-sex worker dude and they were the ones who invented him.”

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Elizabeth J. Harless