Your Dog or Cat Needs This NJ Drivers License Collar Tag

Garden State dog and cat owners now have a new way to show their pets their Jersey pride: New Jersey Driver’s License Pet Tags.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait in line at MVC. Instead, the process is rather simple. Simply select the state, upload a favorite photo of your pet, then start entering all of their information.

You don’t need to fill in all the fields, but you can enter your pet’s name, date of birth, species, breed, sex, coat color, eye color and signature , as well as the owner’s telephone number and address. You can even fill in the requirements and restrictions on the back.

You can also add special attributes by means of a sticker in the upper left corner. Options include “superhero”, “rescued”, and “best friend”.

TagsForHope manufactures a seemingly endless variety of pet tags in all shapes and sizes, but the New Jersey Driver’s License can be found here.

Their desire is to see a world where adoptable and treatable animals no longer lose their lives through euthanasia. In 2020, New Jersey actually ranked pretty well when it comes to a state-by-state study of pet deaths in shelters.

Results of Best Friends Animal Society having New Jersey ranked 27th nationally when considering population, total kills, and percentage of shelters with no kills.

53.68% of shelters in New Jersey are no kill, and I think we can all agree that number could be a bit lower.

On their website, TagsForHope promises that every purchase made by their customers will act as a vote for a better world for animals and the granting of resources for their cause. Every purchase allows them to save an animal’s life and provide food, essential medical care, extra time, and transportation out of a shelter without killing.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 producer, writer and host Joe Votruba. All opinions expressed are his own.

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