YUNGBLUD Turns Clapback Phrase Into Charity T-Shirt

Last week, YUNGBLUD applauded Twitter’s claims that he rigged playing guitar at a recent show.

“You are a tyrant who wants a little ounce of attention,” he replied at the time. “Don’t include me in your bulls ** t. this community is about love. go plant a tree and stop saying bullshit.”

Now he’s printing t-shirts with the phrase “go plant a tree and stop saying bullshit”, and a tree will actually be planted for every shirt sold thanks to the association. A planted tree.

“There is a lot of hate on the internet right now, needlessly, and we are not talking about hate in this camp, we all want to spread love to as many people as possible and encourage people to be themselves,” YUNGBLUD said. in a video. “My new favorite expression is ‘stop saying bullshit, plant a tree’, so I put it on a t-shirt.”

The shirts are black with a red puffy paint font on the front and a merry tree on the back. They are for sale now through YUNGBLUD’s online store and will be available until November 15 at 10 p.m. PST.

Check out his article and see what the shirts look like below.

In other YUNGBLUD news, the rocker recently revealed that he is produce a short film based on his song “Mars”.

“I can’t wait to make my first film,” he exclaimed of the project. “This whole journey started with a meeting. Then it became a song, now it has become a movie. All my art is about and will be forever is making people feel that they can unmistakably be themselves, whoever they are – and with this project we are transforming that message to 11. “

Elizabeth J. Harless